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A Review In vitro Regeneration of Bamboo Plants by Plant Culture Techniques

Bamboo is general term used for many species of tall arborescent grasses belonging to family Poaceae. Bamboo is non timber, forest products and in our country its 50% of the total annual production is used by several industries like pulp, paper, rayon, mat boards, making baskets, house construction, beds, coffins, bridges, toys, weapons and agricultural implements. Bamboo is a vital resource, therefore it has an ever increasing demand but its conventional breeding has not highly successful because of two reasons i.e., non vegetative phase and irregular flowering. Thus to overcome and fulfil the requirement of demand in bamboo production, the scientific techniques are also very useful. Alternative options for producing desirable clones in limited period of time are in vitro culture techniques like micropropagation, auxiliary bud propagation, rhizogenesis, etc. Present review we venture is a humble effort for in vitro regeneration of several species of Bamboo plants through plant tissue culture techniques. Index Terms - Bamboo Plants; In Vitro Regeneration; Plant Tissue Culture Techniques.