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Public Health and Epidemiological Transition: Environmental and Climate Mediated Risks

Environmental and climate mediated health risks have increasingly become a priority for the health implications, as the threats are potentially catastrophic and highly complex with the dynamics of direct and indirect effects on diverse health impacts. Different stages of epidemiological transition (ET) provide insights into the health transition, which enhanced understandings of paradigmatic shifts from multi-perspectives of public health developments. This paper proposed “The Age of Environmental and Climate Mediated Health Risks” in this era is now emerged as the latest stage of epidemiological transition, with categorized underlying determinants as the driving forces under these changing patterns of epidemiological and health transition. This paper also recommends a new ecological sense of public health in support of the implied needs of health transition and sustainability developments towards the international trends of global health concerns in this newly proposed Age of Environmental and Climate Mediated Health Risks as the ultimate focus of public health movements in transition. Keywords - Environmental Climate Mediated Health Risks, Public Health Transition, Epidemiological Transition, Global Health Literacy.