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Formulating Solid Lipid Micro Particles as Means of Controlled Release of Bisphosphonates by Spray Congealing

The purpose of this work was to present the innovative drug delivery system for local delivery of Alendronate by using calcium phosphate cement to bone tissues. The solid lipid microparticles which was mostly performed for oral and topical drug delivery has been used for local delivery of bisphosphonate to bone tissues. Alendronate when directly added to cement was able to sequester calcium from calcium phosphate which prolonged the setting of cement. Use of microparticles resulted in limiting lengthening of setting time of cement. Alendronate when loaded in spray congealed microparticles avoided direct contact of drug with the cement which resulted into controlled released drug delivery system. Spray congealing has greater potential than other commonly used technologies such as hot melt extrusion and spray drying. Its ability which controls powder characteristics without the need of subsequent downstream processing methods is a marked advantage over the other particle engineering technologies. Keywords - Solid lipid micro particles, Alendronate, Calcium phosphate cement, Spray Congealing .