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Behaviour of Expansive Black Cotton Soil Treated with Sodium Silicate

Expansive soils are known all over world for its volume change as per its swell - shrink behaviour due to variation in the water content. In India, clayey soils containing montmorillonite mineral are commonly known as black cotton soils and cover 20 percent of the country’s area in all the states. To improve the strength properties of expansive soils the common method followed worldwide is stabilization. In the field chemical solution can be applied through bore hole or by using ponding method. In present paper laboratory investigations and analysis carried out on expansive black cotton soil for the improvement of geotechnical property using sodium silicate solution by diffusion technique. In the present research work a different attempt is made to study effect of sodium silicate solution on swelling behavior of soil with different initial physical states. Keywords - Sodium Silicate Solution, Expansive Black Cotton Soil, Improvement by Diffusion Technique.