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Flexible Light Emitting Controllable Device based on Memristor

In this paper, a novel flexible lighting circuit controllable a light emitting device (LED) through memristive switching is proposed. The proposed device is fabricated on ITO coated PET substrate through printed technique, which is able to control a light state of the LED to either ON or OFF resistance value of the memristor. In the construction of the proposed LED circuit device, a high current memristor of milli-ampere current is connected with the LED in parallel, and they are connected in series with an organic printed resistor. The most current is bypassed through the memristor with ON resistance value when LED is required to be OFF, and LED is turned on a light when the memristor is switched OFF resistance value. The operating voltage is 10 V and control voltage is 14 V. The maximum light intensity in the ON state of LED was 0.4 lux, and light intensity in the OFF state was 0 lux. The response time of the LED is 25 seconds. We are sure the proposed light device can be used in low speed electronic display applications. Index Terms- Memristor, light emitting device, resistance, flexible, printed technique.