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Summarized Research of Decomposition and Thermokinetics on General Organic Peroxides and Non-Organic Peroxides

Organic peroxides(OPs) are general and useful chemicals which are broadly applied as initiator, cross linking agent, or catalyst in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Due to the extensive applications of OPs, decomposition and thermokinetics of OPs are the priority in process safety. If OPs stayed in extremely outside environments such as high temperature, high pressure, or potential existed thermal source, OPs may trigger a runaway reaction to cause severe disasters, for example, fire, explosion, and toxic relaxation. As follows, the results of thermal analysis at conditions of non-isothermal state, isothermal state, and adiabatic state for OPs will be demonstrated, which can be used to reference data for use as limitation at the permitted operating conditions in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Besides of OPs, there are three non- OPs which are analyzed with thermal analysis in this study to compare the decomposition reaction between OPs and non-OPs for summarizing decomposition reactions and thermokinetics parameters of OPs and non-OPs. Keywords - Organic peroxides (OPs), Thermokinetics, Runaway Reaction, Thermal Analysis, Decomposition Reaction.