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Optimizing Differential Data Collection with Multiple Random Dummies Crowd Sensing Mobiles using SVM

Mobile crowd sensing , which collects environmental information from mobile phone users ,is growing in popularity. These data can be used by companies for marketing surveys or decision making. However, collecting sensing data from other users may violate their privacy. Moreover, the data aggregator and/or the participants of crowd sensing may be un trusted entities .In this age of computer science each and every thing becomes intelligent and perform task as human. For that purpose there are various tools, techniques and methods are proposed. Support vector machine is a model for statistics and computer science, to perform supervised learning, methods that are used to make analysis of data and recognize patterns. SVM is mostly used for classification and regression analysis. Here we are developing an application for dummies by taking dada from that dummies we are going to analyse the progress. Keywords – Crowd sensing , SVM, data mining.