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Synthesis, Optical Spectroscopy and Dielectric Properties of Ag:Mn Co-Doped Nanostructured Pbi2 for Solid State Radiation Detectors

Microwave-assisted synthesis of pure and Ag: Mn co-doped PbI2 nanostructures have been reported for the first time. The structural and vibrational confirmations were carried out by X-ray diffraction and FT-Raman spectroscopic analysis. Furthermore, the EDX analysis confirms the presence of Ag and Mn in PbI2 nanostructures. No extra phase due to impurity in the synthesized nanostructures was observed. The nanosheets like morphology were confirmed by SEM study for all the synthesized products. The average thicknesses of the prepared nanosheets are found to be in the range of ~30 nm to 50 nm. The dielectric constant is found to be enriched by Mn and Ag: Mn co-doping in PbI2 compared to bulk value. The organized nanostructure with enhanced physical properties warrants the applications in optoelectronic devices and nanoscale radiation detectors. Keywords - Lead iodide; Semiconductor; X-ray diffraction; SEM; Optical properties; Gamma radiation detector.