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Synthesis of Fluorescent Perylene-Based Dyes and The Evaluations for Light-Converting Films

Four perylene-based dyes were designed and synthesized for use as colorants of fluorescent dye-based light-converting films. Bulky substituents were introduced at their bay- and terminal-positions to increase miscibility with acrylic binders and fluorescence quantum yield. The synthesized dyes showed absorption from 450 to 575 nm and fluorescence from 550 to 700 nm. The synthesized dyes with ethyl groups at their bay-substituents showed strong fluorescence as they showed more than 94 % fluorescence quantum yield in solution states. In contrast, the dyes with methoxy groups at the bay-substituents showed quenched fluorescence. Dye-based films fabricated with the synthesized dyes exhibited similar optical property trends to those in solution states. The light-converting efficiencies of the films fabricated with the strong fluorescent dyes were 13.99 and 11.64 %. Index Terms - Dye-based film, Light-converting film, Perylene, Quantum yield