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New Heat Recovery System through AGR-FO Integration Units for Saving Energy and Water Treatment

A novel integration between Acid Gas Removal (AGR) and Forward Osmosis (FO) regeneration system is proposed to reduce the energy consumption in both systems: in the AGR and FO regeneration unit. This process utilizes Ethanol (EtOH) as a draw solution coupled with n-pentane as a low boiling point agent. A low boiling point light hydrocarbon immiscible in water is used to facilitate the separation of ethanol-water mixture at low operating temperature. The light hydrocarbon is used as a cross component between AGR & FO units; it is used to reduce AGR energy consumption and ensuring smooth operation by replacing the circulated lean amine conventional cooling equipment “air cooler and trim cooler” with a new economizer, where the light hydrocarbon (n-pentane) is used as the economizer coolant fluid. This work has been developed using Aspen HYSYS V8.8. The results show that the novel integration between AGRFO process could save 17 to 20 % of new AGR plants capital cost (Capex) due to eliminating some cooling equipments in AGR system. Keywords - Acid Gas Removal, Forward osmosis, co-processed water, Regeneration, N-pentane, Ethanol