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Design and Optimization of Porous SNSE1-XSX Nanosheets using Hydrothermal Reaction

The introduction of a number of pores into the nanomaterials can manipulate their thermal transport characteristics of a material, which is considered as a promising strategy to improve the transport properties. Herein, we report on that the successful fabrication and optimization of porous SnSeS-based nanosheets. Two-dimensional SnSe0.8S0.2 (SnSeS) nanocrystals are chemically exfoliated from the layered bulk structure through a Li-intercalation and an exfoliation process. A large number of pores are successfully introduced into the SnSeS nanosheets through a solution-phase chemical transformation procedure, and the porosity of the materials can be optimized with different reaction time. The incorporation of nano and porous structure can boost the research advances regarding nano and porous materials. Index Terms - Chalcogenides, Nanosheet, Porous material, Thermal conductivity