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Eventually Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Moving Towards Nature

The future of sustainable energy depends upon the use of natural materials which support eco-system. Dye sensitized solar cell closely reflect the nature pattern by using natural materials. In this study, we explored different regional natural plants as a photosensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cell under the sunlight. Four natural plants selected Alkannatinctoria root, Liquorice root, Romaine lettuce and Opuntia were selected for dye-sensitized solar cell and compared different factors under the sunlight at 12:30 pm by sunny day. All plants extracted dyes performance were analyzed by open circuit voltage (Voc) and short circuit current (Isc). The obtained results were compared with the synthetic dye N719 as a reference dye. At the time of testing temperature were 35oC, when relative humidity recorded 30%.The open circuit voltage ranging from 0.533mv to 0.382mv and short circuit photocurrent up to 0.13mA/cm2 noted. The various features of dyes examined such as light absorbance and functional groups by using UV-VIS and FTIR. Keywords - Dye-sensitized solar cell, DSSC, Alkannatinctoria, Liquorice root, Romaine lettuce, Opuntia.