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Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting (Rrwh) At Gssit Campus, Bangalore: Karnataka - A Case Study

Water scarcity is a serious problem throughout the world for urban and rural communities. With an increasing population, the demand of water required for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes has grown manifold. With urbanization on the increase, open spaces are shrinking and landfill dumps are taking the place of water bodies. In addition to this indiscriminate paving both at micro and macro levels is preventing the natural seepage of rainwater into the soil. Urbanization has led to over exploitation of ground water reserves as a result of which the ground water table has been falling rapidly in most of the world. In the current scenario, ground water consumption is far exceeding the replenishment of aquifers. Although rainwater harvesting (RWH) is gaining popularity as a sustainable water saving system in urban as well as rural areas, estimating required storage area for water remains an important design challenge so we are going to design an effective plan by which we can collect rain water into a storage for a particular campus and we are also going to make a design by which we can collect water to the ground and use it for a domestic purpose. Present paper majorly focuses on Rooftop rainwater harvesting (RRWH) of the study area as GSSIT Campus, Bangalore. The prime objective of this paper is to fulfill the scarcity of the water in the campus and then it need to be use it for domestic & drinking water supply. Keywords - Rainwater, Runoff, Catchment area, Rainwater Harvesting System