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Identification of Ground Water Potential Zone using Remote Sensing and GIS

Groundwater is an important resource contributing significantly to the total annual supply. However, over exploitation has depleted groundwater availability considerably. Assessing the potential zone of groundwater recharge is extremely important for the protection of water quality and the management of groundwater systems. Groundwater potential zones are demarked with the help of remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques. In our study, Identification Ground water potential zone is done by integration of RS & GIS technique. The various maps generated were geology, slope, drainage density, geomorphic units, lineament and land use/land cover and was integrated by weighted overlay analysis using Arc GIS10.3. From the analysis Groundwater potential zones are classified into four categories like Poor, Moderate, Good and Excellent. About 16% of total area falls under excellent Groundwater potential region, 34% falls under good Groundwater potential zone, 17% moderate Groundwater potential zone and 33% falls under Groundwater potential zone. Therefore, Percolation tank and check dam can be provided in region having good Groundwater potential zones. Keywords - Remote sensing, GIS, Weighted Overlay, Thematic Map, Check Dam