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Awareness and Perceptions of Farmers about Crop Insurance - A Study in Kolar District of Karnataka State

Protecting the interest of farmers is very important in any country basically to have sustainable economy and food security. India is a developing country around 60–70 percent of Indian population (directly or indirectly) is depending upon Agriculture sector and currently it contributes 16–17% of the GDP. Farming business involves various type of risk such as uncertainties in weather, yields, prices, Government policies, global markets, and other factors that impact the income of farmers. Hence the government has introduced crop Insurance to protect farmers from production risk because of unfavorable weather. But the acceptance and the effect of crop Insurance is not up to the mark. Hence there is a need to understand how to improve the performance of Crop Insurance. Researcher has used Multistage sampling in the area chosen for the study to collect primary data and also she has used secondary data collected from the service providers. Farmers still have lot of confusion about drought relief and Crop Insurance hence proper awareness regarding the procedure to avail crop insurance, covering all types of crop and making it compulsory for farmers will help. Keywords - Crop Insurance, Food Security, Farming Risk, Perceptions