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Removal of Emerging Pharmaceuticals from Domestic Wastewater using Novel Composite Adsorbent

Sorption of frequently occurring emerging pharmaceutical compound such as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) with single and composite graphene oxide based adsorbent was investigated in detail by conducting batch kinetic, equilibrium and desorption experiments. Among all adsorbents studied, newly synthesized composite adsorbent resulted in good removal efficiency (97.8%). The kinetic study show the equilibrium was reached within 8 hours and pseudo second order kinetic model well fitted with experimental data and indicates physisorption plays a major role. On the other hand, Langmuir isotherm was showed better fit compared to Freundlich isotherm which indicated that adsorption took place on homogenous active layers of the adsorbent. Maximum adsorption capacities were estimated to be 15.4 mg/g for ASA. Desorption of ASA were significantly higher (79.8%) in an organic solvent. This graphene based composite adsorbent was found to be a suitable adsorbent for removing pharmaceuticals from domestic wastewater Keywords - Acetylsalicyclic acid;Domestic wastewater; Composite adsorbent; graphene oxide.