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Assessment of Ground Water Quality using Sensor based Water Analyser Kit

The main objective of this study is to assess the ground water quality in mavallipura region. The study region is located in BBMP solid waste dump yard and ground water is highly contaminated. In this study the variation in physico chemical characteristics of water were analysed. The values confirmed the quality of water that is unsuitable for drinking purpose since as all the samples collected from groundwater from the mavallipura region near the dump yard. The pH value, acidity and alkalinity is within the desirable limit and hardness, BOD, and chloride is exceeding the desirable limit and the DO value obtained is below the limit. In the mavallipura region, the groundwater that supply water to dug wells of the catchment area and bore wells have poor water. Result shows that groundwater is found to be alkaline and acidic in nature. This makes the groundwater quality in the area of study is found to be moderately polluted. The level of pollution is maximum and unfit for human consumption. Keywords - BBMP solid waste dump yard, ground water quality, mavallipura, physico chemical characteristics.