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Ultrasonic Pulse velocity Assessment of GGBS Stabilized Soils

Soil Stabilization may be defined as alteration or modification of one or more soil properties to improve the engineering characteristics and performance of a soil. Clayey soil is known for its high swell potential and low shear strength. In this paper, experimental investigations are done to know the effect of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) on clayey soil. Utilization of industrial waste materials like GGBS in the improvement of soils is a cost efficient and environmental friendly method. The soil sample was collected from shivamogga and addition to that, different percentages GGBS (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%) was added to find the variation in its density. In this study density is found by ultrasonic testing method. This method can provide fast and simple approach for determining characteristics of compacted stabilized soil. This is a non-destructive method can be used as an alternative to existing methods to analyze laboratory or field compacted soils. In this study ultrasonic velocity measurements determine the compaction characteristics of stabilized soil. Variation of ultrasonic velocity with water content and density of compacted stabilized soils was analyzed. Effects of soil type and compaction conditions by velocity were analyzed.