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Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Variations in Groundwater Quality using Statistical Techniques - A Case Study

In order to establish the natural processes and sources of pollution and to know the effect on the water quality seasonally, significance factor was determined by statistical analysis. The statistical analysis has been carried out for 240 groundwater samples spread over the entire industrial belt of Bangalore urban comprising of three major zones using paired t-test for pre and post monsoon seasons during the year 2016. The average values of results for all the three zones are presented both during pre and post monsoon seasons. The analysis results revealed that the variation of the concentration for almost all the parameters is significant. Further, the correlation coefficient for selected (15X15) physico-chemical parameters were worked out for the observed water quality data with respect to post monsoon season owing to the fact that the concentration of almost all the parameters except HCO3, CO3, PO4 and K have shown an increasing trend compared to pre monsoon season. A (15X15) correlation matrix from the normalized variables of data has been computed. Correlations among the selected water quality parameters indicate that a very good correlation exists between the following sets of parameters in the water samples of the entire study area;TH v/s Ca, Mg, Cl, TDS and EC; EC v/s Ca, Mg, Na, and Cl; TDS v/s Ca, Na and Cl; and Cl v/s Ca Keywords - Correlation; Groundwater; Pollution; Standard deviation.