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Restoration of Mookanari Lake by using Bio-Ozolyte Treatment Salem Corporation in Tamilnadu, India

In the dyeing industries there is growing interest for the process water. The purified waste water in the dyeing industry is required to satisfy strict quality standard before reuse become possible, advanced purification technique must be available which are efficient and reliable waste water, which are recycling means an addition cost in manufacturing as product. The existing technologies like Oxidation Ponds, Anaerobic Treatment, Coagulation, and Aerated Lagoons demand large area, which is difficult to get in the urban area. Other superior technologies like ASP, Trickling Filter needs high electrical and mechanical equipment in turn resulting in high Maintenance cost. So it’s necessary to come out with an economically sound and Eco-friendly technology, for the effective waste water treatment. It is learnt from studies that Bio- Ozolyte system has high efficiency in removal of BOD, COD, colour and odour without high expenditures and also its nontoxic to the environmental. This system is clubbed with biological method (Eco-Bio Blocks) .The samples are taken from Mookaneri (CETP) Common Effluent Treatment Plant and these samples are treated with Bio-Ozolyte treatment methodology to get effective results. The Raw effluent was treated using Eco-Bio Blocks, Ozone and finally Activated carbon filtered. By comparing the physio-chemical parameter of raw effluent and treated water, a highly remarkable efficiency was found out. Keywords - Bio-Ozolyte, Eco-Bio Blocks, Ozonation, BOD, COD.