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Finite Element Analysis of Jacketed Reinforced Concrete Column Subjected to Uniaxial Load with Varying the Smaller dia Transverse Bars(TIES)

Strengthening of the reinforced concrete structures is one of the most difficult and important tasks of civil engineering. Individual approach to the problem is a necessity since any ready-made solution can be applied. One of the prime objectives is to provide detailed technical and cost-effective analyses. Structures must be carefully examined in order to determine their technical condition, to find reasons for deterioration and strengthening as well as to establish service requirements of the reinforced structures. It is also essential to analyze their technical design, dig out open pits and carry out suitable measurements. Cost-effectiveness of each of the proposed strengthening techniques should be considered and compared to the cost of a new structure. The strengthening methods applied should ensure the required safety margin and guarantee a sufficient reliability over time Concrete is the 2nd prominent criteria utilized in the world after water. In this paper the retrofitting is done for reinforced concrete columns for varies thickness to existing column. The confinement capacity is checked using the finite element software for different grade of mix proportion. Keywords - Concrete, NISA, Laterial ties