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Enhancing Properties of Ferrocement using Bentonite Clay and M-Sand - A Review

Researches are continuously carried out worldwide to enhance the properties of cement and concrete. One such recent development is the incorporation of nano materials in construction industry, especially in cement and concrete as concrete is the second most consumed commodity in the world after water. The main advantage that can be achieved by the addition of nano material in concrete and cement mortar is improving strength/weight ratio which is one of the major requirements of the present. Increased dead weight of concrete is always a concern for civil engineers. Improved strength/weight ratio will take us closer to the goal of green building by minimizing the materials used and increasing the stress levels that the structure can carry. Also nanoclay reduces the infiltration of water into the concrete there by protecting the reinforcement present in concrete which increases its durability. The present study is carried out by replacing percentage by weight of cement with bentonite clay. Tests are performed by varying the mix proportions and number of fine wire mesh layers. Compressive and flexural strength tests were performed with nano ferrocement samples and the results are compared with conventional ferrocement. These test results will be providing the analysis of the addition of nano material in terms of strength, adoptability and feasibility of usage. Nano technology will be helpful in environmental management as it limits the usage of raw materials. Keywords - Ferrocement, Nano material, Bentonite clay, Sustainability, Compressive and Flexural strength, Nano technology.