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An Experimental Investigation of using Iron Slag as Alternate Material for Normal Aggregate in Concrete

The main objective of this study was to establish different supply of sensible quality aggregates that is depleting quick because of the fast pace of construction activities in Republic of India. Use of scum, a waste industrial byproduct of iron Associate in Nursingd steel production provides nice chance to utilize it as an different to ordinarily obtainable aggregates (coarse and fine). In this study, concrete of M20 & M25 grades were thought of for a W/C magnitude relation of 0.45 severally for the replacements of 0%, 30% and 50% of aggregates (Coarse and Fine) by scum. Experiments were conducted to see the compressive strength, flexural strength and split enduringness of concrete with varied percentages of steel scum combination. The results were compared with typical concrete. Keywords - Strength, Steel slag, Industrail by-product.