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Advances and Recent Studies in Paleolimnology: Using of Diatoms, Sediments and Geochemistry Record of Environmental Changes in the Lake

Paleolimnology unites the multidiscipline of limnology, geology and ecology, however for the reason that’s courageous part of researchers from through comprehension concerning precedent lake environment, the field is multidisciplinary by certainty. When a consequence, paleolimnology is subjective incessantly by advances in many disciplines. Limnological studies in recent decades, paleolimnology has diverged largely from the ecological and hypothetical focuses of early on researchers, but recent studies demonstrate the need for more integration of ecological and paleolimnological research. This paper provides a brief overview of recent diatoms, sediments and geochemistry record of environmental changes in the lake. Paleolimnology has developed abruptly as a result of many innovations: the development of new proxies, sampling methods, improved coring and dating technique. These advances have guide to a surplus of research, using novel approaches, on climate change, anthropogenic impacts, succession and biodiversity. Paleolimnologists are working at the frontiers of geobiological research, particularly contributing to research on climate change and environmental impacts on lake systems. Keywords - Paleolimnology, Lakes, Climate change, Environmental impacts, Lake systems.