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India’s Nuclear Power Programme Public Perceptions about Nuclear Energy: Myths Versus Realities

For the development of the country, the electricity generation capacity is to be increased and nuclear power potential has to be harnessed to meet the targeted economic growth. The nuclear power technology in the country has demonstrated its commercial viability. With the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants, nuclear power has to be expanded as an economical an d environmentally benign source to meet the growing aspirations of the country and its people. The demand for electricity is going to increase at fast pace especially in India. For long term sustainable development, nuclear option is going to be inevitable. T he public acceptance of nuclear energy as a source of electricity and also for its non-electricity applications is an important key factor for its implementation. The fear psychosis in the minds of people, which originates from certain myths not based on facts, needs to b e removed by putting forward the scientific facts before them in a language they can understand and appreciate. Keywords - Electricity, Nuclear power, Myths, Scientific facts, Public