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Implementation of Image Stegonography using Labview

Steganography is the one of the technique to hide secret messages within a larger one in such way that someone can not know the presence or contents of the hidden message. The purpose of Steganography is to maintain secret communication between two parties.This paper presents the implementation of a highly secured data hiding technique called Steganography. This technique is applicable for image data type.The main aim of this technique is to encode the data image within cover image such that the data image's existence is concealed. Here we use the data as image for Steganography. It deals with the encoding data image information in a given image (called cover image) without making any visible changes to it. LabVIEW graphical programming environment is a tool for realizing the image acquisition and processing. This software has several advantages: simple implementation, modularity, flexibility, attractive user interface and possibility to develop very easy new features. Keywords - Steganography, Image Processing, LabVIEW, Virtual Instrumentations (VI), Data Hiding