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Emerging Business Intelligence Models and Approaches in Real Time Applications

Business Intelligence (BI) system combines operational data with analytical tools to present complex and competitive information to planners and decision makers. Business Intelligence mainly used to provide assistance in process of decision making.It is all about taking disorganized information and turning it into a useful and accessible format so that data utilization can be efficiently performed. BI works through certain stages of life-cycle model of Business Intelligence functionality.In BI lifecycle model, set of tools are provided to analyse raw data to help making strategic and operational decisions, along with guidance in understanding what to look for in raw data.With the current development in the technologies used in business, BI handles to work in every real-time applications fields such as Healthcare, Banking, Higher Education, Organization, etc.In the future, the competence requirements of Business Intelligence will increase in the equal way as consumer expectations increase. It is therefore convincing that companies increase at the same pace or even faster to stay competitive.This paper depicts the glimpses of Business Intelligence architecture, its sage in varied fields and its applications.