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Genome-Wide Identification of a Class of RAS Proteins Containing a New Conserved Motif in Fusariumoxysporum

Fusariumoxysporum (Fo) is one of most important plant pathogen that cause huge economic losses worldwide. Ras proteins belong to a class of protein called small GTPase that regulate various signaling pathways in fungi. Prior to the present study, no Ras proteins had been reported in Fo. In this study, we carried out a genome-wide identification for Ras proteins in 12 different Foformeaspeciales and obtained an average of 25Ras proteins for each Fo. According to structural features, the FoRas proteins were clustered into three groups (groups 1-3). Interestingly, a new conserved motif (GY motif), containing about 50 amino acids, was identified in group 1 members. Ras proteins containing GY motif (Ras_GY proteins) are remarkably conserved among Fo. Expression analysis revealed that Ras_GY genes displayed an up-regulated expression pattern after F.oxysporum f. sp. conglutinans (Foc)inoculation, indicating that Fo Ras_GY genes have roles while colonizing and infecting their hosts. Keywords - Fusariumoxysporum, Ras proteins, soil-borne fungus, cabbage