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A Potential Source of Honey Bee Alternative Feed ; Banana Peel Wastes

Sugar is the main commodity to feed honey bees during off-season as nectar substitute. Due to the high cost of sugar to feed honey bees, it is required to find an alternative bee feed.Banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. However, banana peel is normally disposed in municipal landfills, which contribute to the existing environmental problems. The large quantities of banana peel waste (BPW) have the potential of being used for production of an alternative source of honey bee feed. Therefore, we investigated the potential of an alternative bee feed from renewable resources based on banana peel waste. The BPW can produce an alternative feed from cellulase and pectinase at a 61.86 % conversion rate. Also, total phenolic and flavonoid contents of banana peel waste based alternative bee fee (BPW-ABF) were found to be 0.93 mg/ g and 164.81 mg/ g of BPW-ABF, respectively. In addition, the combination of BPW-ABFwith fructose and pollen has reduced the mortality rate to almost 9 times. Keywords:Alternative feed, Honey bee, Banana peel waste,enzymatic hydrolysis