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Elderly Person Behavior of Local Food Consumption and Local Food Management of Thaphae Canal Community, Thungsong District, Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province

The purpose of this research was to study the elderly person behavior of local food consumption and local food management of ThaPhae Canal community, Thungsong district, NaKhon Sri Thammarat province.The research tool was used 400 questionnaires, collected from elderly people living in the area. It was found that most respondents were female, age more than 60 years old as equal 54.50 percentages. They provided 67.25 percentage of the people consumed indigenous food three times per day, 82.75 percentage of them consumed indigenous food from home or the canal area, 69.25 percentage for convenience, 55.25 percentage of the elderly person liked to eat spicy foods, and most of local food was vegetables as equal 34.25 percentage. According to the study found that the total of 275 species of food and local food items in the ThaPhae Canal community, 61.81 percentages were fresh foods, 27.27 percentages were sweets, 7.27 percentages were vegetablepreservation and 3.63 percentages were rare food. A product processing was Thai Fish Organs Sour Soup, which will be promoted in the commercial. Keywords- Management, Local Food, Development, ThaPhae Canal, Elderly person, Food Processing