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The Occupational Inhalation Exposure of Fine (PM2.5) and Coarse (PM2.5-10) Particulate Matter Emitted from E-Waste Burning Activity in Local E-waste Dismantling Site, Buriram Province, Thailand

The mass concentrations offine (PM2.5) and Coarse (PM2.5-10) particulate matter were collected from the primitive e-waste burning workers in the burning process directly, using Personal Modular Impactor and Personal Air Sampler. The concentrations of PM2.5-10 ranged from 67.9186 to 2,285.1133 μg/m3 with the average concentration 441.7375 μg/m3. For PM2.5, the concentrations ranged from 144.1645 to 17430.0303 μg/m3 and the mean concentration was 2773.6267 μg/m3 (N=33), which was much higher than the average PM2.5 concentrations found in ambient air in e-waste dismantling area, e-waste industrial park, and e-waste mechanical dismantling site in China. The correlation between quantity of burnt e-waste and the concentrations of PM2.5-10 and PM2.5 indicated the positive correlation among the factors above. Moreover, the relationship between PM concentrations and activity patterns revealed that the different activity patternsare significantly influenced the concentration of PM2.5-10 and PM2.5. Keywords - E-waste open burning, PM2.5, PM2.5-10, Inhalation exposure