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Motion Response Modeling of Catamaran Type for Floating Tidal Current Energy Conversion System in Beam Seas Condition

This research described a study of motion response on floating catamaran type for Tidal Current Energy Conversion System (TCECS). The motion response is considered to disturb the rotation of tidal current turbine performance. To complete this research, the object is twin hull vessels (catamaran). The scheme of this catamaran problem has been used a beam seas condition. Therefore, the simulation of catamaran’s model is given wave coming from 90 degree and 270 degree. The simulation uses computation properties, is ANSYS AQWA to check the motion response, especially for Response Amplitude Operator (RAO). This paper will predict the motion characteristic of catamaran in six degree of freedom. The large motion of floating structure is able to affect the rotation of turbine. According to the result of ANSYS AQWA analysis, the biggest motion response are rolling motion and swaying motion. That motion response is in unmoored condition. This finding supports the theory of disturbance on the rotation of tidal current turbine. Therefore, there is to need an effort to reduce the motion response into minimum effect. Keywords- Beam Seas, Catamaran Model, Tidal Current, Floating Turbine, Vertical Axis, Motion Response