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Study of Plastic Dust Brick Made from Waste Plastic

The main objective of this research work is to develop an efficient way to effectively utilize the waste plastic which is a great threat for the sustainment of ecological balance and to reduce the plastic waste which is increasing day by day. Bad effects of plastic waste are felt throughout the world. So, in order to solve this issue, an attempt is done to reduce the disposal problem of plastic waste by using plastic extruder machine. Extruder machine utilizes plastic waste and changes the waste plastic into useful construction materials. This study also aims at reducing the soil getting wasted during manufacturing of burnt bricks, by producing a brick which is environmentally friendly and also economical. A comparative study of burnt brick and plastic dust brick is done to showcase the advantage of plastic dust brick in areas of strength, economy, etc. Compression strength test was performed on the plastic dust brick and its strength was found to be 6.66 N/mm2 which is higher than red clay bricks which have a compressive strength of 3-5 N/mm2. Keywords - Plastic Extruder Machine, Plastic Dust, Burnt Brick.