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Need for Robotic Resources in Speech and Hearing - An Indian Study

Most of the current rehabilitation care professionals use traditional mode of teaching and service delivery. New methods have been introduced to enhance service delivery and teaching methods exclusively for persons with communication disorders, students and enthusiastic rehabilitation team specialists. The need and acceptance of these new methods has been poorly established. The present study was a survey study carried with the aim of knowing the knowledge, belief and attitude of staff & students in various roles of clinical supervisors, academic faculty, therapist & students towards robotic resources in speech and hearing. All the responses were gathered over Google forms and were subjected for further statistical analysis. Results revealed that about 87% of the participants emphasised on need of new methods of teaching with 76% of the participants indicating limited knowledge regarding robotic resources in speech and hearing. Descriptive questions revealed responses like “Robotic model provides better idea about the anatomy and physiology”. “It doesn't leave learning to imagination”. In conclusion an entire array of participants highlighted the need for robotics resources in speech and hearing. Keywords - Robotics, Rehabilitation, Questionnaire.