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Comparative Study of Natural and Chemical Supplementation Effect on the Yield and Biological Efficiency of Pleurotus SAJOR – CAJU

The agro based waste wheat straw, paddy straw, soybean straw and lemon grass straw were used for the cultivation of Pleurotus sajor – caju with combinations of natural (wheat flour , rice flour , soya flour, maize flour with Cotton seed cake) and chemical supplements.(Lactose, ZnSO4, MgSO4, FeSO4 with Peptone). In the present study, four substrates; wheat, paddy, soybean, lemon grass straws are used with the combinations of natural supplements for mushroom cultivation and their maximum yield and biological efficiency are obtained with supplementation of 2% of Wheat flour & 1% of Cotton seed cake are (978g/kg straw), 97.8%, 956 g/ kg straw, 95.6%, 957g/kg straw with 95.7% 912g/kg straw, 91.2% respectively. Therefore, the combinations of chemical supplements for mushroom cultivation in same substrates are obtained with supplementation of 2% of lactose & 1% of peptone are (964g/kg straw) 96.4%, (933 g/ kg straw), 93.3%, (917g/kg straw), 91.7%, (926g/kg straw), 92.6% respectively. Comparatively natural supplements are more efficient than chemical supplements while similar conditions provided during mushroom cultivation. In both cases the combinations of Wheat flour & Cotton seed cake in natural supplements and lactose & peptone in chemical supplements are more effective rather than single supplements. Keywords - Pleurotus sajor – caju, wheat straw, paddy straw, soybean straw, lemon grass straw Lactose, ZnSO4, MgSO4, FeSO4, Peptone, biological efficiency,