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Determination of Cadmium and Lead Contamination of Animal Feeding Stuffs Obtained from Heavy Traffic, Industrial and Agricultural Regions of Bursa, Turkey

Abstract - Cadmium and lead were determined in feeding stuffs obtained from the vicinities of rural areas, busy roadsides and industrial regions of Bursa, Turkey, in order to determine the degree of contamination arising from roadside traffic and industrial emissions, as well as their risks to animals and humans who consume the crops. Farming lands, where samples were taken, grouped under three main categories with respect to the types of activities applied; these are industrial, traffic and agricultural areas. Sixty-seven feeding stuff samples were examined in the study. The analyses of cadmium and lead were conducted through graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The levels of lead and cadmium contamination in the feeding stuffs, produced in the areas that were far from the industry, traffic and urbanization, were less than those that were closer to the industrial activities and heavy traffic. Among the feeding stuffs, the highest levels were obtained from samples of clover. The mean values of lead determined in the samples were 0.93 mg/kg for the clover, 0.28 mg/kg for the corn, 0.26 mg/kg for the wheat and 0.23 mg/kg for the barley. The mean values of cadmium found in the samples were 0.12 for the clover, 0.09 mg/kg for the corn, 0.05 mg/kg for the wheat and 0.05 mg/kg for the barley. Keywords - Cadmium and lead, feeding stuffs , Bursa.