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Spatial Distribution Patterns of Soil Lost by Splash Erosion

Accuracy in assessment of soil loses by splash erosion is very important for analyzing and evaluating the interactions among the factors affecting on soil erosion. The objective of this study was to define spatial distribution patterns of soil lost by splash erosion. Water Sensitive Papers (WSP) were used to assess the sizes and the numbers of drops (with or without soil particles) splashed by artificial rainfall with a constant intensity of 40 mm h-1. The distribution patterns of splashed material were performed using geostatistical analysis. The amount of soil lost by splash erosion was higher in loamy textured Fluvaquent soil (0.312±0.760 g m-2) as compared with the clay textured Pellustert (0.215±0.487 g m-2) and sandy-loam textured Ustorthent soils (0.192±0.411 g m-2). The Gaussion and spherical models produced the best fit model for characterizing the spatial distribution patterns of splash erosion. The highest splash rate was obtained in the slope direction (49%). Keywords - WSPs, spatial variability, splash erosion, rainfall simulator