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An Eco Friendly Dyeing of Cotton Fabric using Henna Extract

A new approach for dyeing of cotton fabric using Henna extract was investigated. In this study, 3-chloro-2- hydroxy propyl trimethylammonium chloride was used to substitute metallic mordants (heavy-metal salts) in pre-treatment of cotton fabric. This will eventually prevent heavy metal pollution as well as will facilitate dyeing without addition of salt. Cationized cotton fabrics were dyed with Henna extract at different dyeing temperatures for different dyeing times. Color strength, fastness properties (washing, rubbing and light), were investigated. The fastness properties results of all samples dyed with Henna extract were satisfy. Enhancement or decrement in the color strength was found to be governed by the dyeing temperature and dyeing time. Keywords - Eco-friendly dyeing, Henna extract, Cationization