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Preparation, Characterization, and Catalytic Deoxidation of Hollow Fiber Type La0.1sr0.9co0.2fe0.8o3-Dcatalyst for Pretreatment of Landfill Gas

La0.1Sr0.9Co0.2Fe0.8O3-d(LSCF-1928)perovskite-type powderwere found to have remarkable catalytic activity and stability for the de-oxidation reaction of landfill gas (LFG) in our previous study.The bead and hollow fiber type catalysts were prepared using theLSCF-1928 powder. In the case of bead type catalyst with methyl cellulose (MC) as organic binder, CO2 emitted from MC was reacted with strontium, so the SrCO3 was formed. On the other hand, a single phase perovskite structures were formed without impurities when the hollow fiber type catalyst was fabricated without organic binder. Also, pore structure of the hollow fiberwas induced during phase inversion process, so the surface area of catalysts could be increased.Various spinning condition such as air gap and pressure of dope solution were investigated for control the pore size and porosity of the hollow fibers. The SEM images shows the hollow fiber structure which consists of two kinds of morphologies, namely: asymmetric outer skin layer with finger-like macrovoids, and sponge-like structure between the skin layer. All kind of the hollow fiber in this study have above 99.9% O2 conversion at 475 oC. Especially, hollow fiber type catalyst perepared with the condition of dope solution pressure: 7 bar, inner coagulant: 5 ml/min, and air gap: 2 cm has best performance of 70.65, 93.1, and 99.99% O2 conversion at 425, 450, and 475 oC, respectively. Keywords - Catalyst, Perovskite Oxides, Hollow Fiber, Landfill Gas, Oxygen Removal, Methane Oxidation