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Green Adsorbent of Pectin from Carrot Peel and its Application as Removal of PB(II)

Pectin is a natural polysaccharide that is widely used, pectin can be used as a potential bioadsorbent to bind heavy metals. This aims of this study are to know whether pectin can be isolated from carrot peel as evidenced using FTIR spectrometry, to know the optimum condition of pectin in adsorption of Pb(II) ion. The parameter of optimization of adsorption methods are pH variation, mass adsorbent and long adsorption time. Pectin is isolated from carrot peel by extraction method. Analysis of content Pb(II) ion using AAS instrument. The results of the research have shown that Pectin can be isolated from carrot peel evidenced by FT-IR spectroscopy. The optimum condition of carrot pectin to adsorb Pb(II) occure on pH solution 6, Pb(II) absorbed 44.00% with adsorption capacity 6.00 mg/g. The optimum mass adsobent to adsorb Pb(II) is 15 mg, Pb(II) absorbed 46.01% with adsorption capacity 6.13 mg/g, whereas the optimum contact time is 120 minutes, Pb(II) absorbed 38.00% with adsorption capacity 4.80 mg/g.