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Lipid Peroxidation Status in Type-2 Diabetic Population in Kolkata, India

Hyperglycemia is the characteristic of diabetes mellitus which is a group of metabolic diseases. Hyperglycemia results from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both. It is accelerated by poorly controlled blood glucose level as a result of which excessive free radicals are generated causing oxidative stress which in turn affects blood vessels, causing inflammation in cells and lipid Peroxidation in type-2 diabetes patients. Lipid Peroxidation in Type-2 diabetic patients was studied by estimating Malondialdehyde (MDA), index of Lipid Peroxidation. The level of MDA was measured as TBARS( Thiobarbituric acid reactive substance). . A total 360 subjects were involved in the study of which 90 were male diabetics, 90 were female diabetics (case) and 90 male non diabetics, 90 females non diabetics (control). The mean and sd values of MDA were calculated for all cases and control of both sexes of three different age groups. Both diabetic males and females had higher MDA level as compared to controls. The level of MDA in both males and females cases is statistically significant (P≤0.05).From the present study it reveals that increase in the production of free radicals occurs along with the increase in age of diabetic patients which elevated the level of MDA. Keywords - Oxidative Stress, Malondialdehyde (MDA), Diabetes Mellitus