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A Study on the Production of Biofertilizer by Isolation Identification and Partial Characterization of Nitrogen Fixing Microorganisms from Soil for the Utilization in Agricultural fields as Organic Farming

Organic farming may be defined as the use of natural fertilizers which are very much prevelant in discarding the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers due to the adverse effects of these inorganic fertilizers on soil. So biofertilizers are fertilizers that are derived from soil and applied after mixing with carrier materials to the soil or seed to provide natural food and imrove the fertility of the soil.. These fertilizers helps in enhancing the nutrient quality of soil by their interaction with the rhizosphere roots of plants when they are applied both on top soil and seed treatment.Azotobacter spp strains present in neutral or alkaline soils and are the most commonly occurring species in arable soilsThese microorganisms are free living non symbiotic diazotropic which helps in the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia that can be utilized by the plants and other vegetable crops which require nitrogen as these nitrogen is an essential nutrients for the plants to develop. In this paper the focus has been given on the preparation of biofertilizer by isolating nitrogen fixing bacteria from soil and then utilizing it in the organic farming. Keywords - Agriculture,Biofertilizers,Nitrogen fixers,,,Soil fertility,Azotobacter,Mass production