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Detection And Localization Of Accidents Using Smartphone

The usage of vehicles in hot cities is increasing seconds to seconds. More the vehicles, more the possibilities of accidents. As vehicle manufacturers continue to increase their emphasis on safety with advanced driver-as assistance systems (ADASs), we propose a device that is not only already in abundance but portable enough as well to be one of the most effective multipurpose devices that are able to analyze and advise on safety conditions. Mobile smart phones today are equipped with numerous sensors that can help to aid in safety enhancements for drivers on the road. Existing driver’s behaviour models emphasis on drunk and drive. The main drawback is once its detects that driver has been drunk, it just alerts the driver to stop driving. Driver may ignore the alert and continues to drive. So this will not be efficient to prevent the accident occurs. In the proposed work, we use the three-axis accelerometer of an Android-based smart phone to record and analyze various driver behaviours and external road conditions that could potentially be hazardous to the health of the driver, the neighbouring public, and the automobile. This work will be used for detecting the accidents occurring and sends a help message to the nearest hospitals and family members of the driver.