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Detective At Home: Track Your Misplaced Possessions!

Every house has had a history of searching for keys, pen-drives, wallets and hand-purses and it is such a tedious job, especially, when they are of utmost need. To reduce the hectic searching effort and time spent, a system is proposed, with the lost items connected to wireless sensors (Bluetooth). A mobile application (the tracking device) is created as an interface between the wireless sensors and the user. The transmitter end sends a signal to the receiver sensor, which after being traced will start ringing, to notify the user as to where the lost item is. A GPS system is integrated with the proposed system to navigate and locate the lost item if it is out of a specified range. Being at a plethora of availability the user will be able to combine task and view the required output as mobile alerts. The system acts as a multipurpose device, which besides discovering lost items also prevents theft and tracks the stolen objects.