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Phenol Extraction from Moringa Oleifera as Biofouling Reducer Agent for Mixed Matrix Ultrafiltration Membranes

Membrane technology is robust technology to clarify tropical fruit juices. Yet, during clarification process, ultrafiltration membrane suffered from biofouling developed on the membrane surface. The use of antimicrobial agents provides alteration of unwanted microorganism grew on membrane surface and maintain the membrane process. In this study, antimicrobial compounds from Moringa oleifera was extracted using ethanol by maceration. Moringa oleifera (Mo) dried by using oven, milled and meshed. The liquid extracts were then processed by using a rotary evaporator to increase concentration. The concentrated extract then dried by using freeze dryer to obtain powdered Mo. The powdered was then used as filler in the mixed matrix membrane for ultrafiltration of fruit juices. The powdered Mo is acted as biofouling reducer agent in this membrane clarification process. The results showed that Mo extract had total phenolic content of 7.01% and was able to against Escherichia coli in its application on membrane. Keywords - Moringa oleifera, extraction, maceration, phenolic content, antibacterial