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Minimizing Organic Waste and Methane Generation at Source through Hydro Dual Digestion Tank (HDDT)

This paper is intended to minimize waste contribution and reduce methane generation at source of generation. Hydro-Dual Digestion Tank (HDDT) is made to performs both hydrolysis and aerobic decomposition of waste in the tank and controlled methane generation of the settled sludge through regulation of valves, temperature and retention time. The 100% wastes are reduced at source and the methane generation of the waste in the process is minimized. The organic carbon contents of settled wastes or sludges are further reduced into useful manure through vermicomposting. The cost of collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of the organic solid waste is reduced and GHG contribution to atmosphere is also minimized. Keywords - Hydro Dual Digestion Tanks, Ventilated Tank, Retention Time, Temperature, Methane Generation, Hydrolysis, Organic Carbon