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Malnutrition Status of Under-five Children of Anganwadi in Wardha District

Background: In India each year 27 million children are born, Children between 1 to 5 years constitutes 15% of the total population. It accounts to 25% of under five mortality occurring throughout the world. 10.6 million children die every year before reaching their 5th birthday. Over 3.1 million children's die in South East Asian countries. Under nutrition is by far the most important single cause of illness and death globally accounting for 12% of all deaths. Aims of the study: Assessment of nutritional status of Anganwadi (1-5 years) children by anthropometry and clinical examination in Salod village of Wardha district. Objectives: 1.To assess the nutritional status of 1-5 years age-group in anganwadi by anthropometry. 2. To assess the nutritional status of children of 1-5 years age-group in anganwadi by clinical examination. Methodology: The study was conducted in the Anganwadi centre of Salod village of Wardha District for a duration of 2 months by complete enumeration method. The participants were children of preschool registered in anganwadi of age group 1-5 years. The study was done from September 2015 to November 2015. Results: In the present study, the total no of boys were 54% and girls were 46%. 20% have MUAC circumference below the normal range. 18% children have moderately acute malnutrition. A total of 94% children had normal teeth & 6% had dental caries. Index terms - Anganwadi worker, under five children, nutrition, pre-school children.